Face Masks (w pleated pocket for filter) NO COVID (black x)

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Our Face Masks* can to be worn alone or over disposable masks** or with a filter*** (if desired) that can be inserted into the creased opening in front (or not) to give added protection to healthcare workers and anyone who is outside. 

Brighten up the mood with a 100% polyester, machine washable, reusable mask that is comfortable, breathable and easy to wear.  Manufactured (hand made) and printed in USA.


Pleats, Rounded woven ear loop elastic for comfort.  Pocket for disposable face mask or filter, machine washable.

Washing Instructions:  Cold water, gentle cycle, do not bleach.  Tumble dry low.  Do not iron.

Materials:                                                           Size:  

Front Poly Sheeting                                          7" x  3.5"

Back:  Poly Microfiber

Choose one or more of our vibrant, fun, and stylish designs for your face mask.   One face mask per package.

We hope to be able to bring a little comfort and calm to you during these uncertain and challenging times when we need to protect ourselves by wearing masks (and gloves).

With love xoxo

Bettina Marks Inc

*Our Face Masks are not of surgical quality

**Disposable Hospital paper masks (not included)

**Coffee or other paper filters (not included)



Update: March 30, 2020.  After a former FDA administrator suggested every person should wear a mask in public for an extra layer of protection, the CDC is considering adding the idea to its recommendations. But the group isn't talking about medical masks – especially not N95 masks. Here's what we know about the possible mask directive.